Friday, May 29, 2009

Had to post twice today...

I just died.

Besides the fact that Kristen sounds like a guy, and she didn't have enough passion when she said "kiss me", I died.

If you're going to tell Robert Pattinson to kiss you, atleast act like you want it, girl! I would NEVER stand there so calmly when I was about to stick my tongue down his throat. But, of course, I forgot. My bad Kristen. He's getting PAID to kiss you. BURN!!

Awards and Robstew!

The MTV Movie Awards are Sunday. And of course, like any other Robert Pattinson fan, I'm excited. What I'm not excited about is the seating arrangement.

Of course, Robert and Kristen are co-stars and they have to be somewhat close when they accept all their awards Sunday. But, seriously, a seat in between? Why can't they just come out of the dating closet already?! Just admit that they are a couple so that we can all move on and start the process of mourning, and acceptance.

I'm sure they aren't allowed to be "open" about their relationship because of the studio wantign to keep the millions flowing in. Do they really think that if all the Twi-hards and Rob fanatics found out that they were really dating, they'd boycott the movie?! No. Okay, well, maybe. Just some, though.

I wouldn't boycott the movie, I'd just stay locked in my room for a week crying and listening to "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" by the Culture Club, and eating HoHo's.

So, I wonder who their plus one's will be at the awards? I'm sure Rob's will be management or agent, anyone to fill that seat beside him so he can control his urges to reach out and touch Kristen. As if filming time wasn't enough for them. Kristen's will probably be the guy she buys her bongs from.

Hey, it's a free world, baby. Smoke that shizzz!

Reguardless, Rob and Kristen may be seated next to each other this year, but what about next year? I think I know who Rob's plus one will be. Go ahead, take a look, I know you're curious!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh, Erika..

Okay, ladies and gentlemen. Above we have the girl who was photographed with Mr. Pattinson in Cannes.
As you can tell from the picture, of course, she is pretty, but look a little closer.
By the way she's standing you can tell she's an attention seeker. And the dress, oh my, the dress.

But, that's not the point. We all know that her "friend" sold all the photos to the tabloids. And she claims that she wanted nothing from the photos since she comes from a wealthy family and doesn't need money. But, we all know the truth. She wanted everyone in the world to think that she hooked up with Robert Pattinson.

If you're a true fan like the rest of us, you all know Rob's very private about his relationships and he's also VERY shy. Why would he hook up wth someone who HAD to have tons of photos for evidence?! HE WOULDN'T!

She did an interview with Star magainze, gushing about their "connection". Why would you do that?!

Poor Rob.

I mean we all know the truth behind the photos. She pouted until they pulled a chair up for her at the table in Cannes. And that's when she squeezed her way into some pictures.

I'm not all into bashing people I don't know. I atleast want to say that I know them enough to bash them. But, this one needs to be said.

If you don't acquire fame on your own, don't go doing whatever you can to ride up the charts.

In all due respect to Mr. Pattinson, we know his taste is much more classy than this.

I feel for the millions of girls, women, and even guys around the world who almost had a heart attack when these pictures surfaced. I'll admit I was crushed for about 24 hours until I found out the truth. I know we all probably did some kind of Lord of The Dance victory dance in unison when we found out. And no disrespect to Erika, who was just lookin' out for number one. But, come on!!

You don't see me going around taking pictures with the local mayor and goin' to the newspapers with that claiming I boned him. (He's the closest thing to a celebrity we have.)

So, for all the many crazed Rob, Robward, Robsten, and Robiki fans out there who had the rage that I had that day, don't.

I learned that it's inevitable. It's going to happen. Yes, this girl may've not been the truth, but one day he WILL find someone and we WILL have to accept it. But, until then we can dream, or even write blogs and be haters. I'm okay with that. I can deal with that..

Just know this, Rob. I would NEVER sell you out to the tabloids. Just as long as I was rewarded everynight for keeping my mouth shut, if you know what I'm saying!

As for Erika, I hope she finds what she's looking for with her new found fame. Who knows? Next week it could be pictures of her and Michael Jackson saying they had a connection.

*Took picture from Robert pattinson Life

Lord, help us all....

Popping the cherry.

So, I'm going to dive straight into this blog. I'm an avid Robert Pattinson fan. I adore any work he does from "The Bad Mother's Handbook" to "Twilight". I mean, apart from his obvious perfection, he's brilliant.

I mean, take this picture for instant. I'm sure he's probably thinking what he's going to cook me for dinner, or what our activities will be after dinner. *wink, wink*

This picture CLEARLY states that he enjoys a good cigarette after a long night of bumping uglies. And, of course, I would never deny him either! Many people think smoking is a disgusting habit, but with that cigarette hanging out of his mouth, he is DAZZLING.