Friday, September 18, 2009

Tweet read around the world!!

Thank you Peter Facinelli for being the most awesome person ever!!!! He said if he got 1 million followers that he would have Rob Tweet from his personal Twitter, and he did! Peter Facinelli is amazing and always delievers! Ugh! LOVE him and Rob!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Simply beautiful.

See. It's videos like this one that make you realize how many blessings God gives us on a daily basis.

Robert Pattinson is the most beautiful person I've ever seen. I've had my crushes and obsessions over the years, but none compares to this one.
There's just something about this greasy, nonclothes changing, British fool that I just can't get enough of. I don't know what it is, but I really love it. Even in Harry Potter he was a hottie. I think it's just he's somehwat similar to me. Well, I do shower regularly and I do change my clothes. But, he's very shy and timid and hates crowds. I relate there. I don't know. Whatever it is, I thank God for making this beautiful creature.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Morning glory.

Well, we all know that Rob will be attending and presenting a new clip from New Moon and the MTV VMA's. And we also know hewill be sitting in close proximity to Kristen "I Wanna Be A Man" Stewart. What does this mean to me? Nothing. Doesn't matter how close he sits to her, or how many times he's slept with her, he'll one day realize that she is packing more downstairs than he is. She just tucks it really good.

But, in honor of Mr. Pattinson's sexy self, he's a video made by

Robby, please, please wake up and smell her aftershave! She is no good for you. Actually, no one is good enough for you.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This is my heaven.

Whoever made this video, you are my hero. This is my version of Heaven.
I have strong faith in God, and I know everything happens for a reason, and Rob, God made you perfectly for one reason: TO DRIVE ME MAD!

I freaking love this video, and I swear I swooned a little more than I should have.

Why is Kristen such a lucky man bitch, and why does she get to sleep with you whilethe rest of us only get to have obscene fantasies?! WHY?!

Ugh....melt away with this...

Just a morning wake up.

I've decided this is better than coffee. And since I don't have much time before work, I needed a pick me up, and this is one hell of a wakeup rememdy!!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm baccck! And so it Kristen's manly side.

So, I've been away for awhile, but I'm back and I just had to make a small comment on why I think Rob enjoys Kristen's company so much.

I don't really think it's a sexual attraction, and I don't so much think it's because he think's she's in some freaky way hot. I really have come to the conclusion that Rob loves Kristen's company for the simple fact that she's really a dude.

Take this picture for instance.

This was taken last night when they were leaving the Bobby Long show in Vancouver.

Rob and Kristen pretty much have the same outfit on. I think Rob really enjoys having a "guy" friend around. He enjoys swapping clothes with "Kris". He enjoys checking out the fangirls asses with "Kris". He enjoys having a "homeboy" around.

It's totally not that he likes actually making out with her, or having sex with her. If that were the case, I'd be a little worried about Robby's sexual preference, as much as I hate to say it.

I wonder if "Kris" wears boxers or briefs? I wonder if "Kris" totally has a "man crush" on Rob. I bet he/she does.

This is what keeps my heart beating everytime a new picture pops up of them two together. I tell myself that Rob just likes the company of his mister friend "Kris".

And Rob, don't worry, she man be more manly than you, but you're the better looking one.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'll die...

Okay, I don't believe this. But, it makes me ponder what I would do if it were true.

I don't see Rob deciding to shag her, unprotected, in the height of his career. Why would he take the chance of gettin' her pregnant when he's in the prime of his career? Better yet, why would he have sex with her AT ALL!?

I understand Rob has a penis, and having a penis means that there's only one thing on your mind at all times. SEX. But, we are talking about Robert Pattinson here. He could have ANY woman in the world, whenever he wanted her. So, why would he waste his energy doing the bump and grind with a girl like Kristen Stewart?! A one-dimensional actress, who always looks like she's constipated. She never smiles, she never laughs, and she's just plain out ODD. not to mention the fact that she's currently sporting a MULLET!!! Need I say more?!

Robert Pattinson on the other hand is the definition of BEAUTIFUL. I'm not saying I want him to be like every other guy, who goes around sticking his Oscar Meyier in any old bun around just because she's hot. I want him to respect women, but atleast boink the women worth the consequences.

If she were pregnant to Robert, that means he'd be stuck with her in his life for ATLEAST 18 years. 18 years of agony for that poor man. I'm betting he can't wait until he's done filming the remaining films of the Twilight Saga so that he doesn't have to suffer anymore. But, I could just be biased.

All I'm saying is this. Rob, if it is true, file for sole custody, cut offall ties from her, and for God's sake don't feel compelled to get married. I don't think I could handle it. Kristen Stewart-Pattinson. Yeah, I just threw up in my mouth.

I think Jesica Moffett-Pattinson has a better ring to it.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Oh my..

This may be the hottest thing I've ever seen. Seriously.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Robert Pattinson & kids...

So, stumbling upon the pictures from the shoot of "Remember Me" I ran into a couple pictures that made my heart melt. Take a look:

Now seeing Rob interact with his little co-star made me think about what he's going to be like when WE have kids. I mean, in my sick little fantasy world that I live in, we will have children.

I wonder if Rob will be on of those dads who doesn't allow their daughter to date until she's 20, remembering what he was like when he was her age and knowing what he wanted then. Just pure booty. Or, I wonder if he will be a dad who meets his daughters dates at the front door with a shotgun? I wonder what his face would look like when his daughter wants to talk to him about sex?

All these thoughts run through my mind when I think about Rob being a dad. I bet he will be the most badass dad ever. Considering that he never changes clothes, showers, or brushes his hair. And the fact that he loves to smoke a pack of cigarettes while consuming 3 beers at the local pub. And he can get ALL the ass he wants! His kids will look up to him for being the biggest and hottest British pimp there is.

So, I've concluded that no matter how many kids Rob and I have, he'll be a wonderful father. I'll leave the punishing up to him, though.

Especially if he's goin' to punish the kids by biting them!