Friday, May 29, 2009

Awards and Robstew!

The MTV Movie Awards are Sunday. And of course, like any other Robert Pattinson fan, I'm excited. What I'm not excited about is the seating arrangement.

Of course, Robert and Kristen are co-stars and they have to be somewhat close when they accept all their awards Sunday. But, seriously, a seat in between? Why can't they just come out of the dating closet already?! Just admit that they are a couple so that we can all move on and start the process of mourning, and acceptance.

I'm sure they aren't allowed to be "open" about their relationship because of the studio wantign to keep the millions flowing in. Do they really think that if all the Twi-hards and Rob fanatics found out that they were really dating, they'd boycott the movie?! No. Okay, well, maybe. Just some, though.

I wouldn't boycott the movie, I'd just stay locked in my room for a week crying and listening to "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" by the Culture Club, and eating HoHo's.

So, I wonder who their plus one's will be at the awards? I'm sure Rob's will be management or agent, anyone to fill that seat beside him so he can control his urges to reach out and touch Kristen. As if filming time wasn't enough for them. Kristen's will probably be the guy she buys her bongs from.

Hey, it's a free world, baby. Smoke that shizzz!

Reguardless, Rob and Kristen may be seated next to each other this year, but what about next year? I think I know who Rob's plus one will be. Go ahead, take a look, I know you're curious!

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