Thursday, July 2, 2009

Robert Pattinson & kids...

So, stumbling upon the pictures from the shoot of "Remember Me" I ran into a couple pictures that made my heart melt. Take a look:

Now seeing Rob interact with his little co-star made me think about what he's going to be like when WE have kids. I mean, in my sick little fantasy world that I live in, we will have children.

I wonder if Rob will be on of those dads who doesn't allow their daughter to date until she's 20, remembering what he was like when he was her age and knowing what he wanted then. Just pure booty. Or, I wonder if he will be a dad who meets his daughters dates at the front door with a shotgun? I wonder what his face would look like when his daughter wants to talk to him about sex?

All these thoughts run through my mind when I think about Rob being a dad. I bet he will be the most badass dad ever. Considering that he never changes clothes, showers, or brushes his hair. And the fact that he loves to smoke a pack of cigarettes while consuming 3 beers at the local pub. And he can get ALL the ass he wants! His kids will look up to him for being the biggest and hottest British pimp there is.

So, I've concluded that no matter how many kids Rob and I have, he'll be a wonderful father. I'll leave the punishing up to him, though.

Especially if he's goin' to punish the kids by biting them!

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