Monday, June 8, 2009


Well, we all know that guys have their little bond that we all like to call a "bromance". Sickening? Maybe.

Rob's got his own little entourage. Sam Bradley, TomStu, and Bobby Long.

Our suspicions were confirmed on Rob's whereabouts on Sunday afternoon when pictures surfaced of him in New York City.

Behold "TomBert".

I'm glad Rob has someone he can chill with, confide in, and cry on. not to mention the other various activites that he and TomStu can enjoy together.

I'm sure before every interview or live show, TomStu gives Rob a pep talk. I'm sure before every movie premiere TomStu helps Rob slide into his very tight pants.

I'm sure a gallon of crisco was used to slide into those.

TomStu may even be on set of each of the Twilight films to help Rob wax his beautiful chest.Who knows? I'm sure I'm not the only one who ponders how deep their "bromance" really goes. What line will the meaning of friendship cross with these two?

Rob, let me just warn you. I'm glad for your best friend, don't get me wrong. But, you know how girls get when they are best friends. They get territorial, bitchy, and conniving. I know you and TomStu have been friends for many, many years now, and that's wonderful! I'm sure you two even having matching friendship braclets, and I'm super jealous. Just don't let him come between your other relationships. First and most importantly, ours!

Don't let his head mysteriously pop up in our family portrait. Don't let his time of the month destroy our family vacation. And God forbid, when he comes to you claiming that I tried to sleep with him, don't let that destroy our life! You have to remember, TomStu's not used to sharing your attention and I'm afraid he may try to take it out on me.

TomStu, I would never dream of taking your beloved best friend away from you. Here's just a couple reminders for when you come over. No mentioning Rob's ex-girlfriends. Especially Kristen. I know you'll do your best to ruin my night. No talking about how you knew Rob before he was famous. I don't want you getting all nostalgic on us and making Rob have second thoughts about his career choice. We all know he just wants the normal life. And of course, when the socks on the door knob, DO NOT DISTURB.

If you can abide by these few rules, Tom, we'll have no problems. Your little "bromance" can continue. Who knows? Maybe you two will be starring side-by-side in a movie here soon. You know Rob will pull some strings for you. We can make this work, TomStu.

I'll leave you with this.
Bro's before hoe's does NOT apply in this situation.

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