Monday, June 1, 2009

Rob, you shook me ALL night longgg.

Let me just start by saying the MTV Awards last night were AMAZING. I couldn't have asked for a better 2 hours in my life. Everytime Rob stepped up on that stage, or his beautiful face was on that huge screen, I swear my heart stopped.

I'm not surprised that they won for the best kiss award. Twi-hards voted their asses off. Best movie? Well, duh. Best Male Breakthrough Performace? OF COURSE! It's ROB. Best Fight? Yes, two hot guys fighting will make any girl swoon. Best female performance for Kristen Stewart, ehh. I can't really say that I voted for that one. Sue me!

Now this was very interesting. Not because I was about to throw up. It may or may not have been from the alcohol I consumed, or it could've been out of pure jealousy. I'm betting on the second one. But, either way, it's clear that Rob was kind wishing he could've inched a little closer to her face. I'm guessing it's not because he wanted to lock lips with her, I'm thinking he was wanting to get a little closer to her hair to get that second hand buzz from her pot scented hair. We ALL know she toked up before she came! I mean come on. She couldn't even hold onto her Award.

Next time just smoke an ounce and not a pound, okay Kristen?

All in all, the cast all looked wonderful. Minus Kristens getting dressed in the dark and busting out the Chuck T's with no socks. I feel bad for whoever she was sitting next to. I'm sure feet and popcorm isn't a smell that can be regaurded as good.

As for Rob, he looked dashing. The blue jacket with the dark pants, Lord have Mercy. I'm not going to lie, I needed a couple "restroom breaks". How can someone be so backwards, and humble, and yet burst with beauty? I don't know either, but, Mr. Pattinson sure knows how to pull it off.

He's in NYC today to start filming his new "untitled" movie. Either "Remember Me" or "Memoirs". Either name will be just fine. It could be called "Shit Sack" and I'd still go see it 48274267289 times.

Last, and not least, what every Twi-hard/Rob fanatic in the world was waiting for. The New Moon Trailer. MTV DELIEVERED!! It was probably the best moment of the night. I'm glad I had my friend Jeralyn here to support me when they showed it. I had to hold onto someone and I'm pretty sure she almost had a heart attack, too. Chris Weitz is the MAN! That's all I'm going to say. It would've been even better if Jasper would've ate Bella's face off...I'm just kidding. Don't kill me for saying that.

So, without further procrastination, here it is. The most AMAZING thing I've seen in MONTHS.


P.S- Thank you, Robert Pattinson for giving me all the dirty thoughts and wet dreams in the world for the rest of my life from just being on MTV for two hours. You've really made my life. Just as Jerry McGuire said back in the day..."You complete me..."

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