Thursday, June 11, 2009

I no longer fear Robsten.

As we all know, Rob and Kristen are filming movies in between the Twilight saga movies.
Rob is in New York filming "Remember Me" with his BFF/boy toy Tom Sturridge. And, Kristen is in LA filming The Runaways (The Joan Jett story) with her new BFF Dakota Fanning.

I'm sure I wasn't the only one in the last couple weeks who almost had a heart attack when we saw the pics of Rob and Kristen the morning after the MTV Movie awards. But, rest assured fellow Rob fans! Not only has almost EVERYONE debunked the rumors of a "hookup", they've also put together theories about that morning that's made all of us realize that it's just not true.

Besides, we all know that Rob has better taste.

But, I was checking my daily websites today, and I stumbled across a set of pictures with Kristen's new look for "The Runaways". Not only was I disturbed, but I was also relieved. Behold:

Oh, I know, I know. She's supposed to look like Joan Jett, but wowza!! She looks like a scary emo BOY who is lettin' their locks grow out.

Like I said before, I'm relieved. If Rob is shagging THAT and he's okay with it, then I've lost all my will to live. But, I just don't see them hooking up with her looking like that. It seriously grosses me out. So, until her locks grow back and she dyes it back, I can rest assured and get a good nights sleep.

Robby, hon, she's more masculine than you are. She's awkward, dazed, and most likely confused. Mainly due to all that chronic she's been inhaling. For goodness sake's you had dinner with EVA MENDEZ last night. I'd be all about that hookup, she's gorgeous.

If this picture doesn't make your mind up for you, Rob, then I guess we are no longer.

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