Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ohh, busted!

Well, I posted the picture of Kristen and her pipe a couple days ago. But, thank goodness, has a video of it.

Like I said before, it's a free world, smoke it up. But, shouldn't you atleast try to be a little bit more secret about it? I mean, you're outside in the daylight, hittin' a pipe, and looking like white trash. Come on. You're now a millionaire. You could've alteast put on a Gucci dress and washed your hair. Or, better yet, maybe ever BRUSHED it.

This has me shaking my head and asking myself, "Why, Rob? Why HER?".

Then, I see this video of my beloved Robert Pattinson talking to a paparrazi while being just a little intoxicated, and you know what? It made me forget all about his bad taste in women.

Rob loves the booze just as much as I do. That's why I think we would be okay together. I think we could go out, get nastily drunk, stop and get some Taco Bell, and then go home and burn off the calories. No whiskey, though. You know what they say about whiskey dick.

All in all I can see him not being the jealous type that doesn't like his girlfriend going out and tipping back a couple cold ones. I see him being the type to go out with her and getso sloppy drunk, he may even table dance. Karaoke at best. And we all know his vocals are immaculate.

Well, I can't lie anymore. We did go out. We did get sloppy drunk. He was supporting me with every drink I took. He even held my hair back once for me when I had too much of the Budlight. I was lucky enough to have a friend snap a picture of us during our wonderful night out, though.

Look how excited he is to see me loving on that beer.

Rob, you get an A+ for being an awesome and supporting boyfriend.

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