Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Run, Rob, Run..

I'm sure everyone has seen the pics from the set of Remember me that surfaced yesterday in NYC. Rob's working very hard on this movie so he can finish in time to do Eclipse in August. All the man wants is to get back to his trailer so he can light up, kick back, and run his fingers through his beautiful hair that God gave him.

Well, let me just say THANK YOU to these girls right here. These girls who may have tainted ANYONE and EVERYONE'S fan status in Rob's eyes. The girls who have him terrified to go take a piss by himself. The girls who ruined ANY of us gettin' a hug and an autograph. The girls who made him more than likely piss his pants. The girls who probably have him in therapy now. The girls who have him second guessing his career choice. The girls who made all fans look like crazy slutbags. The girls who are in serious need of a good shanking. THESE GIRLS:

THANK YOU, CRAZIES!! Thank you for making the man of all of our dreams completely terrified of us! We really appreciate it.

I'm not going to lie, I'd prolly be in tears too if he walked by me, but in all honesty, I wouldn't throw myself at him. I wouldn't grab him if he didn't want to be touched, and I wouldn't try to run infront of him so he couldn't move. I wouldn't want him to think I'm nuts BEFORE I got to touch him. Weren't you thinking? Thanks to YOU girls, he's probably going to start carrying a shank.

If you weren't so crazy, and being such a mob, we couldn't gotten better pictures. Beautiful pictures. Pictures that make me have to hold onto something when I see them. Pictures like this one:

Please, stalkers, remember next time. When you approach THE Robert Pattinson, do it with grace, do it with style. Be nonchalant. He's not going to want ANYTHING to do with you if you're foaming at the mouth like some starving pittbull. Make the rest of us fans look good, not dangerous. GOSH!

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  1. I agree. I think I also posted something similar on my blog weeks ago. I just hope Rob doesn't decide to quit acting all together because of those crazies... =[