Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rob's "Manhood"..

Okay, so I was over at RoAr (Random Acts of Rob), and I saw this picture were they were discussing the worst things Rob could START doing.

One of their points was the tragedy it would be if he actually started wearing underwear on a normal basis.

Usually, I think "free-balling" it, or going "commando" as guys call it is digusting. But, in Rob's case, it's art. And, to be honest, if he were to start wearing underwear on those particular days when he wears extremely tight pants, I'd die. We'd all be deprived of seeing his manhood. The body part that God gave him for a specific reason. May the reason be to make us swoon daily when we surf the web looking for pictures of him in tight pants. Or, it could be that God wanted him to reproduce and make a TON of LiL Rob's for the world to love. Or, it could be God's personal gift to me. You know, when Rob finally realizes he's in love with me and leaves Kristen/Emilie/Megan/Nikki/Camille or whoever he's with this week, and he shacks up with me. I would get to see that wonderful "gift" everyday of my life, and I could die happy.

Whatever the reason may be, God gave him his manhood and I THANK GOD that Rob loves to share that with us by wearing TIGHT pants with NO underwear. I also THANK the photogrpahers for getting the right angle of shots to grant us with photos like this one:

And I say now, like I once said before, it's not the size of the boat, baby. It's the motion in the ocean.
Rob, please, continue to find the tightest pants you can, and ignore putting on underwear in the morning. In fact, when you come over to my place, come nude. It's less of a hassle and we can get straight to the point.

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